OPEN & FOR HIRE : Builder, Scripter, Clothing Designer


Hello there! My name is Ace, and you’re looking at my Development Portfolio! I am a small builder, scripter and clothing designer, and have a lot of experience in each field. I have been building for around a year now, scripting for 6 months, and designing for 6 months. I recently got better at all of these, which is why I’m updating my portfolio and reopening commissions.

Past Experience

I work mostly with small groups/games, but I’m hoping to step up my portfolio in some larger groups. Here are some of the things I’ve made recently.

Hotel Showcase

(In the above image, the toilet model is not mine)

(In the above image, the plant mesh is not mine)


(In the above image, the bow is not mine)

(Old) Cafe Build

(Some assets in this cafe build are not mine)

Speedup! (Map Builds)

I made a video of them using the cutscene editor plugin:

- YouTube

Hotel room card

- YouTube
(Gyazo video is low quality, sorry about that.)

(I also made an individual room door card, but it is not 100% complete, so I’ll put that here when it is finished.

Moving objects

Simple system, can be used for a lot!
- YouTube

Scavenger Hunt

Another simple one, but can be used for many things!
- YouTube

Tropical Clothing

Regular Hoodie

Casual Clothes

I have more examples incoming!

Cafe Clothes

got scammed

I do not have experience with SCP or military assets. I am not comfortable with commissioning those at this time.


I mostly go by a name-your-price basis. You message me with exactly what you need, what time you need it by, and how much you are willing to spend. If you do not have payment ready, do not request a commission. Instead, you should wait till you get funds and then message me. I am only accepting R$ at this time.

Additional Information

If the project is pretty big, I may ask you to pay 25-50% up front before I start any work. Anything for under
3,000 R$ won’t need to be paid for in advance.

Typical Building Price : 750 R$ - 2,000+ R$
Typical Scripting Price : 20 R$ - 1,000+ R$ (per system)
Typical Clothing Price : 15 R$ - 45+ R$ (per asset, NOT per set)


DevForum : @Aceletix
Roblox : Aceletix
Discord (MAIN) : Aceletix#0001

I prefer to use Discord, as there I respond the quickest. I don’t use twitter anymore because lots of stuff that I am uninterested in goes down there.

I don’t really like to do long term or dev team projects either, so I’m no longer doing those.

With all that being said, thanks for reading!


Hey, I’m sorry for not having the robux at the time of trying to purchase the cafe. I would like to purchase the cafe now. Are you still selling the cafe?

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I’ve updated the portfolio!

Commission Status : :green_circle:

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Hi! Your discord seems to not work… could you please send an updated tag? Thanks,

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Funny story, I changed my username a few hours ago. New name: David Wazowski#0001

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