(OPEN) For Hire - GFX



:roblox: ABOUT ME:

Hey! I’m a computing geek who specializes in Graphic Design. I’ve been on the platform for over 4 years and have had a bit of experience with Roblox “GFX.” I always use the newest versions of Blender for my rendering to get the best render results… and they’re also the most efficient to use. Keep in mind my new main account is xqkrl!

For more info about me, visit my Creator Page or Website

Keep in mind you must provide me with the models you want in the GFX (unless you don’t own a certain accessory that you want me to put on the character).

Finally accepting USD via Cashapp! :grinning:


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I denoise all of my GFX, they’re only grainy because the DevForum does that so people can’t steal my work.


:seedling: AVAILABILITY:

I’m quite active when it comes to commissions, however, due to school and other projects, I may take a little longer than usual.

:robux: PRICES:

No Refunds

All prices are subject to change

  • :robux_gold:10,000 / $40+ per Thumbnail (1920x1080)
    Price varies due to complexity

  • :robux_gold:7,000 / $30+ per Game/Group Icon (512x512)
    Price varies due to complexity

  • :robux_gold:7,000 / $30+ per Advertisement (Size depends on what ad you choose)
    Price varies due to complexity

  • :robux_gold:4,000 / $20+ per Game Pass Icon (150x150)
    Price varies due to complexity

  • :robux_gold:2,000 / $10+ per Discord PFP (1000x1000)
    Price varies due to complexity

:robux_gold:800 / $5 more per character if you want 3D clothing

Package Deals:

If you order 3+ thumbnails and 1+ game or group icon, I’ll make you one more game or group icon free of charge.

Higher Quality Pricing:

For game and group logos, Roblox has them set at a certain size (256x256 or 512x512). The higher the pixels, the better quality the image will be. Everything comes with a price though — the higher the quality, the longer the render time.

For only an additional :robux_gold:250 / $2.50, I’ll render the game and group icons at double the pixel rate (that’s really good quality) so when the image is sized up (for instance, when going to someone’s profile, their primary group’s logo is enlarged. If you look at it next time you check someone’s primary group, you’ll usually see it’s grainy and blurry. That’s because it’s lower quality) it’ll look crisp!

Thumbnails are a default 1920x1080 (which is standard, and already great quality) so I don’t render those at a higher pixel rate.

:email: CONTACT:

You can contact me via my Discord account, my Guilded account, or through my business email: :roblox_light: bixinc2020@gmail.com
I’m much more active on Discord and Email so I will respond much quicker on either of the two.

Thanks so much for looking at my portfolio!
:heart:’s are appreciated!