(OPEN FOR HIRE) GLOS$IN Designer Recruitment

Greetings, everyone. I would like to present my clothing group, GLOS$IN. It is a clothing group with aesthetic themed apparel, for all genders, and aesthetics. GLOS$IN will be having a revamp. Therefore, I am seeking some experienced with specifically aesthetic clothing designers.

Here is the group below:



1.) You must be fully active, and contribute to GLOS$IN. Being lazy, is not allowed.

2.) You need to create at least 6-7 assets per month.

3.) You must have experience, and you MUST issue your tag on Discord in Devforum, and if you have a portfolio or past work examples, please also attach them.


Negotiable, I do NOT pay with USD. If ROBUX isn’t your payment method, you will NOT be paid.

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:

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How much would you be paying per month, is there an precentage?

Each designer gets 30% comission in the group sales. <3

Hi there, i’m extremely experienced when it comes to designing. I can design streetwear & aesthetic fits, and i specialise in male clothing. I have been designing on roblox for 8 years, since 2012. I also used to make tutorials and share my knowledge, which have accumulated 30k+ views on youtube! I’d love to make you some assets !
Here’s some examples and details!


I hope you like some of my work!
Disc: lucyyy#4906

Thanks for reading.

Cute, thank you! I appreciate your interest. I sent you a friend request on Discord, where we can discuss. My tag is kay#0004

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