(OPEN FOR HIRE) My GFX Art Portfolio

Hi there! My name is Kira. I am offering my services as a Pro Graphic Artist. I specialize in graphic art, and renders. I have been on Roblox for five years, with two years of graphic work. I do thumbnails, icons, and cartoony-styled graphics.

In this portfolio, feel free to view my works, pricing, and more details regarding me, and my service.

Previous Works


Icons - 300-350 ROBUX.
Thumbnails - 600-800 ROBUX.
Advertisements - 150-300 ROBUX.

Contact Options

Discord: kay#2589
ROBLOX: avhunIy

I use Pixlr for editing, GIMP for minor fixes/patches, Blender for rendering, and ROBLOX Studio Animation Tools for editing.

I also create cartoon graphics, please DM for info about them!

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:

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