[OPEN FOR HIRE] TargetAustin, Musical Composer For All Genres

About Me

Salutations and welcome to my Portfolio! My name is Austin, and I’m a musical composer here on the ROBLOX platform. I’ve been composing music for about seven years around and been playing the guitar and piano for 14 years. I’ve worked for big names and little groups—the biggest being for Bitcoin Miner (Almost 2M+ Group Members). I’m 19 years of age and live in the United States. I’m currently taking online ASU classes for music composing and a minor in business management.

[details=“Here are some songs I’ve made for commissions and for fun.”]

I make music outside of ROBLOX as well!

Prices are negotiated I require $30 or 15k robux upfront before I work.
You can contact me here on the Developer Forum or via Discord at:

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:


Austin is wonderful to work with, he cares greatly about the composure, exuberance and dynamics within each song. His work shines brightly in the genres of Synth wave, Jazz, and has created a very smooth and inspiring music set for Vehicle Simulator.

I recommend and will continue to work with Austin on music.

Thank you,


Hands down, Austin is one of the best composers I’ve had the pleasure of meeting. If you place an order, he can complete a song within any due date, he even made 7 high-quality songs that were 1-3 minutes long in just a few days. If you order from him, you will not be disappointed. Some of the best quality and pricing you’ll ever find in a composer.


Without a doubt, Austin has some of the highest quality musical compositions. I’ve used his compositions in a lot of my games. I highly recommend.

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Austin is one of the Best composer for making any type of music genre. He made a song with a catchy melody, a variety of instruments, and how long I wanted it to be and delivered it high quality. One of the best composers I worked with!