[OPEN FOR HIRE]Roblox Japanese Translator

We are Japanese translators, and we are excited to build many experiences to all Japanese Robloxians!
We’ve had a lot of experiences on Roblox. How much was it?.. Oh yes 4 years.
As time goes by in the Roblox Community we’ve experienced on many translation requests, and we are ready to produce many experiences from all the Roblox users in Japan.
I’m currently studying Japanese as my language could be a little messy when it comes to unwanted problems .


This is our first time doing this job.
So we won’t post any examples of us doing the job.
We will soon though.




Bigger Project ~ Bigger payment

We’ll think about the price based on how the job will be.

Contact Us

Available contact ways.
Dev Forum(Click the icon and send me a message saying that you are going to commission me.
Discord: Jellytoma#0826
Twitter: @Strong_toma

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:

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