[OPEN] FREE Clothing Designer [FULL]

About Me

Hiya! I started designing clothing 8 months ago and ever since I’ve been interested in improving my skills. Because of this, I’ve decided to open up free clothing commissions to get some experience and hopefully learn something from it! she/her pronouns, please


Here are some screenshots of my work


At the moment, I have the most practice doing shirts, so a quick reminder that my pants designing skills are definitely lacking! Any tips you have to give me would be appreciated!


I am online mostly from 9AM to 11PM EST on weekends, and 3PM to 10PM on weekdays. (currently on spring break) You can contact me any time.


Completely free! You can still leave a tip if you’d like, though.


You can contact me here on the Developer Forum. I’m also in the process of creating a “Slack” account. I’ll be likely to respond within 5-30 minutes.


You must make sure to be kind while communicating with me.
If I decide to cancel a commission because of personal reasons or difficulty, I am allowed to do so.


You can upload the commissioned work freely to any group you’d like for no cost, as long as you give proper credit.

Thanks for reading! :blush:

NO Slots, please wait!


Hey, could you make me Bacon Supporter top as I am trying to make a YouTube and would like some Clothes for my solgan “Bacon Supporter”.
1 would be nice but if you could do two that would be Ultra Dultra Nice.

You can choose a style that fits the name.


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Hey! I’m on it right now. Make sure to send me a direct message!

Store with my clothes, you can tip if you want :slight_smile:

could you make me a pink hoodie? just plain
the pink i would like is “taffy” its a really nice pink

Ello, I am interested in your work, what is your Discord tag so I can add you.