(open!) free simple logos!

Hi, I am tying to improve my logo making skills. If you need a logo for your game, ill make it free of charge!

Dm me on devforum or reply what you want your logo to look like. All revisions will be free of course, however I have the right to refuse to make your logo if its too tough. Here is an example:


Hi! I would love to have one for my OBBY! Let me know if u can make one.

Can I have one for my game Chill Vibes?

Hey! Hope I’m not too late but I have a studio called “Immaculate Studios” could you make a logo for it? When your done, message me on discord at Chasqin#8079 or here. Thanks!

Your Work is Really Cool! I need a Logo for a Group. Not sure if you are Accepting Group Logos or your still open but If you are! Here are some things i want if you are doing them
-Square Logo
-Toon Font Title

  • Title is “Advertisement INC”
    -White Font, Blue Background.
    Sorry im 26 days late!

Hi. I would like a logo/icon for my group. Please add me on discord F̶̒͘ȓ̶̈ø̵͌͝s̵̎̑t̴̓́#3709 I hope we can work something out :slight_smile: if you don’t have discord feel free to reply saying you don’t :+1:

I’m not sure if this is still opened since this is almost a month old. I would like a logo for my group, please let me know if this is still opened. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Hello could you make a roblox party in front of a donation board? Doesn’t need to be great I don’t wanna waste your time! Tysm!

Hi! Hope I’m not interrupting but I have a discord group called Creative Lands so could you make a logo for it
DM me on Discord at JackRyder#6158

Here are the details:

  1. A circle logo that looks like a tail from a rocket.
  2. A rocket, duh
  3. The top text will be Creative while the bottom will be Lands
  4. The text color will be white and the background will be black.