[OPEN] Frozey is looking for a UI Designer!

What is Frozey?

Frozey is frozen desserts company that my friend and I have wanted to start for awhile. We strive to have a professional, but also fun environment. We have run two small ad campaigns, and have already amassed just under 140 members!

Check us out here - Frozey - Roblox

Our Team!

@ThomasMGardiner - Lead Programmer
@xStarfully - Lead Builder
@username - Lead UI Designer

@alphadoggy111 - President, Founder, Developer Coordinator
@Cl_aux - Vice President, Developer Coordinator

What we’re looking for.

The UI Designer will be responsible for designing a smooth, clean and modern UI. We specifically need the Order System UI completed, as well as a Menu and Support UI. There are a few other things as well. You must be a good communicator, work well with others, and have a large knowledge of UI Designing.


The UI Designer will be payed a startup fee of $25 USD. This will be payed before the project has even been started. Then, every month the project is active, a payment of $25 USD will be payed. Depending on how much is done that month, we can pay less or more. Once the project is completed, the UI Designer will receive 20% of all profit made through the group.

Criteria & How to Apply

We have specific criteria needed to be followed in order to get the job.

  • You must be a mature and hard working individual.
  • You must have examples of previous work.
  • You must have Discord.
  • You must be over the age of 13 to apply.

If you wish to apply, please message ake#0001!


I am good in making UI’s. I can program to for the UI. I can also create a UI shop. more info about me? send me a message on discord.(KDBgames#1252)

this is a link from a game. The UI shop is just a test from me. but I can make it better! I can create Twitter codes, shops, info about the game, Admin commands and a player list.

I’m interested, ash~#2020

I’m interested. [OPEN] DisturbedSinox | Builder and UI Designer

I am a very skilled and experienced UI Designer.

DM me in Discord @ iiLevelMaker#5099


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