[OPEN] Futuristic RP title, skilled developers needed

About the game

We here at Rosebury Studios are looking for developers to work on a futuristic RP title, the name is a work in progress.
The game will have certain scriped story events to help create roleplay situations and make the players feel more immersed with the world.
There will be different districts that can be explored, each district will have it’s own theme and feel to it.
Some districts will include:

The commercial district

Dragon’s lane

Diamond boulevard

The game isn’t just for roleplaying though, there will be different gameplay systems for leveling up such as, becoming a criminal or a resistance member, joining the goverment and becoming a soldier and a skill tree in the form of biomechanical upgrades.

About the job


As a modeler you will create buildings and environments for the game,
you need to be able to create complex patterns and structures based on reference images and concept artwork. It is not necessary but it would be more than great if you could texture or UV unwrap your models aswell.

Scripter (position filled)

As a scripter you will make a combat and character stat system aswell as other miscellaneous actions and systems.
You will need to be able to have good communication with the rest of the team and have a very basic knowlage of how to animate.

UI designer

As a UI designer you will be creating a bold and futuristic user interface for the game,
You need to have some sort of experience or knowledge of other bold UI designs

Clothing designer

As a clothing designer you will create clothing for the game that will be for the different factions and some clothing that will be on sale for players to buy,
you need to be able to create somewhat realistic and gritty clothing and be able to take inspiration from reference images and concept artwork.


This is a long term project and you will be paid in percentages (%),
they will be divided as such:

Modeler - 20%

Scripter - 20%

UI designer - 10%

Clothing designer - 10%


You can contact me on discord, MeowZ3RO#7723
or you can message me on the developer forum.

You can join our group here, Rosebury Studios - Roblox


I don’t have Discord but here is my info. I’m interested.

My portfolio: [OPEN] MissMae15 - Clothing Commissions

Commission Website:

Clothing Designer - Commissions

You say in your portfolio that you don’t make military clothing, in which we need some, your clothing doesn’t really fit our game, we need more realistic clothing.

Oh ok. Good luck finding your staff.

The scripter position has been filled but the other positions are still open

do you have an investor or a backup payment?

No, sorry we don’t have any investors or a backup payment

Then you expect pro devs to work for you while they will get nothing in return apart from a percentage. Those maps that you ask for are hard and time wasting to make, one of the things that makes me angry is people not putting themselves on other developers shoe, you expect them to make a full on map from “cyberpunk 2077”( a game made by pro developers) not to earn anything other than a percentage!!!. I would recommend you giving them some sort of backup payments like 50k robux or else things are not going to work out in terms of getting a good enough developer. Thank you and good luck!

We are a fairly new group and we can’t give out more than procentages, some developers are more interested in the project itself rather than the payment. We don’t ask the developers to create an entire map because we could probably make the map ourselves but we are asking for professional modelers to speed up the process and because they are usually better at adapting to different styles.
I also don’t agree with the map creation being “time wasting” , while I do agree that the map will take some time to create, I don’t see that time being wasteful in any way.

Ok thank you, just know in mind that pro developers would not do stuff like that without getting some kind of payments and you would need some kind of payments to make this work out well

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