[Open] Galaxy | 3D Modeler / Low poly Builder

I am a 14yr old developer from Canada i have been developer for 2 years now with and without blender, i have worked on several games such as Clicking quest, Clicking Legends 2 (which is my game i am working on) I enjoy Roblox a lot. I am currently doing Normal school so that means my time schedule have changed.

People I’ve Worked With

@ovrinio @PokBeachBaller_YT

Games I’ve Contributed To




Cartoony pets

I only accept robux And Limiteds, If you are Paying With Robux i take either way which is by “shirt or group funds” Group funds is my preferred way but ill accept from a gamepass / shirt as well. If you are buying a shirt or a gamepass you must cover the 30% i also do not take percentage


Small 5k - 7k (if shirt you cover tax)
Medium 10k -13k (if shirt you cover tax)
Large 15k -20k (if shirt you cover tax)
XL 23k - 40k (if shirt you cover tax)


Simple 100 - 300 “Per Pet” (if shirt you cover tax)
Hard 300 - 500 “Per Pet” (if shirt you cover tax)

  • I have the right to not work with you
  • I will send a picture of the finished product before you pay and once you pay i will send the product over via File or i will make it a model so you can buy it
  • Quality takes time so don’t rush unless you want a poor quality product
  • if you are not happy with the finished product i will change it up, the 1st time is free the 2nd time I will charge
  • you cannot take credit for the products I make
  • I will send screen shots along the way to ensure that the customer get’s what they paid for

If you do not agree with these TOS than do not commission me as i am not changing them unless i absolutely need to.

You can contact me Via Discord or Devforum, Preferably Discord.

Discord - GodzGalaxyy#9586
DevForum - @GodzGaIaxyy

Thanks for taking the time and reading, sorry i do not have many examples at the moment, this is a new pc and all my old examples are on my old pc.