Open game beta testing

We’re made a game with my friend!So,we open the beta testing,this game have no meaning,just vibe and hang out.We want to hear your feedback about our game,and if u wish icon and thumbnails,how much you like it,do we need to add something?If u join,you will get a free gamepass glowstick,free club access,free dj set.Pls,tell your opinion about our game,bc we need to improve our game, and make an interesting atmosphere for everyone!

Game:Plasma City - Roblox

Most Roblox players don’t speak Russian I recommend changing everything to English.

Translating to English would lose its origin. Depending on the language, it should be romanized like “Plazma Gorod.”

pspspsp, I agree, the description should be the only thing that’s actually translated (as well as UI if it is)

Response to the game, from thumbnail, this is actually good and not bad at all imo. I really like the style of the game. The text saying “Explore” in the thumbnail is a little unclear since it’s blurry. I believe this is not the final result yet and more improvements to come for this game.


I agreed,i like this game,but they should fix their bugs,in console i saw alot of bugs,next some locations,they have a lot of potentional,cosmocave really got me.