[OPEN] Gamepass Icons! [300R$/per]

Introducing NEW updated style of pass icons! Here’s an example!

Hello! I am @ModeDeveloper1 I am offering my services as a gamepass designer. I can do pretty much any style of gamepass but I mostly do cartoony style.


I am available at any time pretty much. I only won’t respond when I am asleep. My time zone is GMT +2.

The price is 300R$ per gamepass icon it doesn’t matter what style it is.


  • Not all vectors are made by me! I use a site called flaticon or vectorstock to use base images but 99% of the time I remake them as my own. If I can’t find vectors on those sites then I do my best to make one myself. DON’T order if you expect custom vectors for each gamepass!
  • I will not accept PayPal or Giftcards!
  • Payment always comes first!
  • Prefered way of paying is shirt + tax!
  • If you are paying via group funds I won’t start before payment is done meaning you will have to wait 2 weeks before I can start because of new group approval!
  • Don’t rush me in your commission it will be done when I say if I need more time I will notify you!
  • If you will act unprofessional and rude I have the right to cancel your order!
  • Once you tell me the details and I finish the gamepasses you can not request changes or refunds if you approved the product the first time. (If I finish your passes and after 2 weeks you decide you want something change.)
  • If you want small changes I will make them as long as it’s the same day as I am doing them if you approve the product and afterwards you want changes I won’t do them.
  • If you don’t respond within 3-7 days after I ask a question or I finish the passes or if you want changes your order is automatically canceled.

You can contact me here:

Discord: ModeDeveloper#6414
Twitter: @ModeDeveloper1

Note: If you contact me on DevForum or Twitter my response time will be lower as I don’t check them as much as discord!

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:


quick tip: add a watermark or something on the icons because you can easily steal them.


I already did a lot of commissions for 400R$. I am making my price higher cuz if I put 200R$ I won’t be able to produce them in time. So the price is higher so I can balance out the customers.

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The quality of these icons is amazing. They are worth more than 400.

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Might buy from you in the future lad, great work.

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Are boxes, eggs etc… (icons) drawn by you? (not the text or background just the image)

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What does this mean? Just because your price is lower does not mean you wont be able to produce them in time.
I understand that you will have greater orders (In terms of numberS), but for this work… people will wait.

I would recommend making your prices 400R$ but for 2, in the long run it will work out.

Or at least make your price negotiable.

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Wow, amazing quality work, and fast I definitely recommend ordering from him, he is fantastic to work with!

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Amazing work! Mode delivered the icons quickly and ensured that I liked the result of each one and the style. I definitely recommend ordering from him!

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Amazing quality! Absolutely stunning icons! Would definitely recommend ordering!

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Amazing quality and fast! I definitely recommend buying from this designer! It worth 400

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I would definitely recommend ordering from Mode, amazing quality, fast delivery and good communication! Vouch!

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Amazing communication, fast production time, and overall, amazing icons! Would definitely recommend!

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Hi! I am interested in ordering from you. I tried to send you a DM on Discord today but your DMs are currently closed. This is my user arrin#2989. Hmu when you get a chance!

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Hi there,

Sent you a request on discord regarding some icon work!

Kind regards,

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They aren’t closed you just have to add me to talk to me.

Honestly fantastic work, amazing quality & really fast delivery. I’ve gone back to him about 3 times now as I’m really satisfied with how good the work is. I’d definitely recommend him to anyone looking for a quality graphic designer.

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