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Hello there my name is Brian, but you all can call me Gaza. I am quite new to creating roblox gfx however I don’t really consider myself a newbie to gfx. I have been using Photoshop for nearly 2 years now and can say that I’m pretty good at using the software. I’ve also taught myself blender and I’m learning new things everyday. I am the owner of Pancake Simulator and a newly released game called YouTube Champions. I am also a YouTuber with 34,000+ subscribers. I don’t have much work to show or haven’t worked with anyone before ,but hope to get some work done soon! Down below you will see some of my work




Gamepass Icons

x2 Luck x2 Rebirths x2 Subs x2 Views

Basic Icon - :robux_light: 250
Premium Icon - :robux_light: 500
Basic Thumbnail - :robux_light: 2500
Premium Thumbnail - :robux_light: 5000
Ad - :robux_light: 500
Basic Gamepass/Badge Icon - :robux_light: 50
Premium Gamepass/Badge Icon - :robux_light: 100

I accept Robux as payment, via group funds, gift cards or by t-shirt payment (client must cover the 30% tax fee).

I accept USD via PayPal as a form of payment now as well.

Discord - GazaPlays#2995
Twitter - https://twitter.com/GazaPlays
Roblox - TeamGaza


I ordered from TeamGaza for an incredibly cheap price and I was really impressed with the product I recieved. 10/10! would recommend again.

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Thank you for the amazing feedback! I really appreciate the order :smiley:.

Thank you so much you the best everyone i say you should hire him

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i give it 10/10 for sure Good job man keep it up

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Thank you for the major support!

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You’re welcome enjoy the thumbnail :smile:

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After being amazed by the results of my first order, I decided to order once again from TeamGaza and I couldn’t have asked for any better! 10/10

Hi, your Discord tag doesn’t seem to be working. Add me Angus#1111 if you can. Thanks!

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I just updated my discord tag. Thanks for letting me know will add you now!

Just ordered from Gaza today, he was fast, professional, and very kind. He did exactly what I asked for, for a good price, and delivered very quick. I’d recommend him to anyone who needs some GFX done! Good work gaza, keep it up!

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Thank you very much! I really appreciate this.

I’ve updated my prices and added in some of my latest work!

Just sent a request on discord!

What’s the difference between a basic and premium icon? I can’t visually tell a difference between all of the icons on your portfolio.

Ok thank you. I will accept your friend request what is your username? Also my dm’s are open!

Hey, I will be removing the basic and premium classes to keep it simple, but if you were to order the premium icon there would be more detail in the design.

I’d give it a 10/10, I got exactly what I was looking for and it was cheap and very fast! Would 100% recommend.

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we can do business if you add me Kyrelae 9999

Awesome, I just added you :slightly_smiling_face: on discord!