[OPEN] GFX Artist | AwhMilena

Hello! I’m AwhMilena, and I have been playing Roblox for numerous years, and have been doing GFX since 2020. I have been using photoshop for about 10 years I can do multiple different styles of GFX! I pay attention to every detail very closely, and I’m a perfectionist. I promise a good result.

My Work


Will be adding more later

I am available for long periods of time and everyday. On an average I probably am active for 10 hours or so. If I am not available when you contact me I will get back to you when I’m active.

Why Should you hire me?

➜Friendly, Professional Customer Service♡
➜Quick Delivery
➜Negotiable Prices
➜Multiple Revisions
➜High Resolution

List of Work I can do

☆Gamepass Icons
☆Group Icons
☆Badge Icons
☆Game Icons
☆Game Thumbnails
☆Game Logos
☆And More!

Please read if you’re interested!

☆ Do not rush me
☆ Payment first via Paypal/Robux
☆ Contact me on Discord or DevForum. DISCORD: natmilenaa#3778
☆ Prices can be increased depending to the difficulty
☆ No refunds
☆ I will not do NSFW GFX.
☆ No Long Term Projects.
☆Be kind, if you aren’t I will not be responding.
☆ Explain clearly what you would like me to do, If it’s not a clear explanation and I don’t know what to do, I will not accept the job.

☆ If paying Robux via gamepass/etc, you must pay the marketplace fee as well.
☆Paypal is preferred over Robux.

All prices will depend to the difficulty, and time it takes to do the commission. I do not have a guaranteed steady price for any of my work. I offer a lot of different GFX (Listed in Info)

Discord: smellyboykilla
You may also contact me on here.

Thank you for reading♡

Have an amazing day!


100% recommend!

She is definitely true nicest person I have met on the devforum and I can honestly say that it has been a pleasure watching her work and evolve as an artist.

She works fast and to a high quality… if you’re looking for graphic design she is your girl!


I would Recommend is really nice and Works fast And really tries to make sure she got what you were wanting to get

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recommended for gfx! very nice person.

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Prepare to get a lot lol

GFX commissioners will friend you to ensure you know the full GFX details.