[open] -Gfx artist for fire:500R-1000R

this is my new portfolio


gfx new:








-for game gfx, give the meshes, models, etc. of the game
-I’m not looking to enter a group just make a contract for the percentages
-Add to roblox if you can not on twitter or discord


TWITTER: foxy681864

@ foxy6818641



Just want to say to anyone who might criticize him in his poor and “unprofessional” grammar, realize that English is his second language as you can tell by his bio. First is probally spanish

Anyways, off from the off-topic statement, these are honestly great @foxy681864 I’m thinking of hiring you. By any chance, you think you can do avatar GFX?


Oh man, your GFX are the best i like how you put your hard work into this. Hope you get hired soon man i bit someone will hire you, plus your portfolio is on point and everything is in order i like that. Thanks for sharing your work with us…!

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clear friend, but you have discord

Yes, Do you do avatar GFX? I’m looking for that.

if I do GFX avatars friend ,I like to make them

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well tell me what is your discord,so you can tell me how you want me to make them

I don’t gave enough ROBUX at the moment, I’ll get back to you once I do though!

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I will wait friend if you already have them, write me on twitter or discord

Wow, I really like your gfx design! Your drawing look very cartoony but it would be great if you could add more examples as right now there are only 3. Good luck and I hope you have a wonderful day :grin:.

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Just wanted to point out…

'Igloo-Ice Creem"
I’m unless you attempted to spell it wrong it’s spelled ‘Cream’.

Same with these 2 titles…
“The Save The Word”
(Maybe … Save the World)?

“Projet the my Friend”
(Project my Friend)?

Probably should look over your portfolio before publishing as small things like this might deter potential customers.

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Hey there, glad you composed your portfolio!

Just a couple of things:

Your price list is a bit confusing; for your “GFX game” service you charge 500-1000-2000R. Are those separate individual prices that you charge depending on quality (e.g. low = 500, medium = 1000, high = 2000) or do you charge between 500 and 2000 robux?

You may want to add a dark outline to the white and green text as well; it is very hard to read stuff like “costs” and “GFX game” because it blends in too much with the background. This is the same with other white text like this:image

Also with the above image, the text goes above the picture. You may want to avoid that, since people want to see the full picture as opposed to the caption (and is 2019-October a date? That’s in the future)

I understand English isn’t your first language, so here are a few mistakes that you may want to fix up:

  • “GFX game” should be “Thumbnail”
  • “Icon Group” should be “Group Icon”

Im just nitpicking here to try to help you improve your portfolio, but aside from that, great graphics! Hope you get hired and gain some more experience with devs!


If everything you said is fine, thanks for correcting my mistake

Love your work man. It is so very cute

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When you wrote “draw game,” did you mean game thumbnails? And if you did, could you add an example of a thumbnail drawing? I think it would definitely help since you are asking for a medium (or large for some people) amount of robux when we don’t even see an example of one.

But accept for that, your portfolio looks pretty good! Well done!

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I’m probably wrong but I think he meant the drawings to the right of the text…

Can you update your discord please. possibly interested.

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of course my discord is
DISCORD:artist- gfx-2D-foxy681864#4367