[OPEN] GFX artist for hire | Commissions available

About Me

Hi! I’ve been creating Roblox GFX for about a year now, and I’ve decided to start offering my services to anyone who wants them. My main software is Blender, which I have also been using for about a year. I will link my portfolio down below for you to check out my past work.

Commissions & Pricing

Personal GFX - 50 robux
Group/Game thumbnail - 100 robux

These are the base prices, they may vary based on the complexity of what you request. When fulfilling your commissions I will send you a watermarked version, and once I receive payment, I will send the unwatermarked version.


Click here


Robux, or USD (Paypal), which ever you prefer.


You may contact me via discord, QuintaviusJones#7159, to discuss commissions and negotiate pricing.

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