[OPEN] GFX Artist - Full Time Contract

About Us

Hi there! My name is Jordan, and I own a game called Project: SkyFall, it’s a military training game for combat and PVP. Military groups from all around ROBLOX are given free private server access to this game, and open public servers to help practice on there combat skills, and to as an individual. The game is done and is getting ready for release soon, we plan to drop 15-50k on ads!

The Team
@SkyDev_Model - Founder & Lead Developer
@ElDoradoNugget - Programmer
@BadgerAviation - Community Lead
@HighOnPoptarts - Modeler
@Could Be You - GFX

About The Job

We are looking for a professional GFX designer to join the team full-time, as we have a lot to do with ads/marketing, UI, discord, in game, etc. We would like you to have at least 2+ years of experience, and be able to do military style GFX. We do not want low-poly, preferably modern.

We would like a discord logo for our bot, and a coin logo for our in game currency.


Payment is per product, which means you are payed every time you do GFX for us.

Contact Us

Feel free to contact us on discord, Jordxn#0001. Or join our discord server here.
Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:

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