[OPEN] GFX Artists Needed

Development Positions

Hello, I am SharkFerrero the owner of an army group called called |BA| British Army. I am currently in need of three graphic artists interested in joining our team of developers and helping us perfect our work through beautifully worked GFX.

About The Job

We’re in need of the following types of GFX:

  • Realistic ads, thumbnails, icons with renders
  • Vector logos, ads, thumbnails and icons.
  • Effect based ads, thumbnails, and icons.

You do not need to be experienced in every single one of those types of GFX mentioned above. As long as you’re experienced in one kind, you may apply.


The way we do payment is we believe in working around the artist’s prices. We describe to you what we’re looking for and you tell us how much you’d charge us for it.

Contact Me

To apply please reply to this thread with your portfolio. If you’re the right person for the job, I’ll contact you on discord.


Hello! My name is Lasrox, I’d be highly interested in working with you. I think this can fit my style. my discord is jupiter#9459 and my portfolio is Lasrox's GFX Portfolio {OPEN FOR THE NEXT TWO MONTHS!} Talk to you later! :slight_smile: :jack_o_lantern:

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i’m interested!

I’m interested in hiring you. I have added you on discord :slight_smile:

i have over 2 year expreninces. And 2 main portfolios. i can do thumbnails/icons/logos. Portoflios:

no, ive said i dont have discord

Hello, I am interested I do gfx. My discord is iiKanameii#0300

I meant I was going to try. My issue is I communicate through discord only.

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I need to see your portfolio please.

I’ve messaged you via Dev Forum with my portfolio.

oh. well. i guess i cant :frowning:

My portfolio.

Please, message me via Discord if you’re interested. (tal #2380)


Thank you for applying. I’m currently looking for someone with a bit more experience and larger portfolio.

We are still looking for a realistic GFX artist

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I’m interested in applying for the realistic GFX artist position. Here is my portfolio: CODA | Experienced GFX Designer Portfolio

If you are interested in contacting me, my discord is: coda#5935

I am interested

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