(OPEN) GFX Comissions

About Me

Hi there im daniel im a GFX Maker i make GFX like Thumbnail,Advertise,Icon and group logo
i have been making GFX for about 6 years and i was thinking of opening an commissions to see if anyone interested to hire me or mostly ask me for GFX i can make Gamepass,Logo group,badge.



Im available monday to friday mostly on weekends on im rest and with family outside in meaning of im not in pc or im outside for monday to friday i can be less active or more active


I only accept robux at the moment, you can also pay by per works of the GFX or seperately.


You can contact me here on the discord - danie13 (there no hastag or number)

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:

If anyone has any question or more showcase of badge and icon freely to send me a friend resquest