[Open] GFX Commissions ||Berry

Not gonna be posting any new work here anymore (FOR NEW WORK IT WOULD ALL BE IN TWITTER @BerryTheNewbie) as I got hacked and dont have access to this account anymore once I clear my cookies I will not have access to this account anymore.

Might make a new devforum account my on my other account updates is gonna be on my Twitter

My name is Berry. I’m a freelance Graphic Designer and I have been doing Graphic Design for 4 years, I have worked multiple developers, and you can expect fast, high quality service from me!

I am very active online, so you can expect fast responses to messages, and updates on your order!


Game Icon for Portfolio


USD - Gamepass Icon:7$ | Ad:15$ | Game Icon:10$ | Thumbnail: 20$-40$+
Robux - Gamepass Icon: 3k | Ad:7k | Game Icon:5k | Thumbnail: 10-15k+

Discord: Berry#2587
Twitter: https://twitter.com/BerryTheNewbie
Barely check the forum so best bet is to dm me in discord


Gotta say, these all look awesome! I’d surely tend to hire you when I need one. All around, it’s awesome! Well done. :+1:


All of them look amazing, I’ll contact you when I’m in need of GFX.


Would recommend, great gfx.


Extraordinary, I’d definitely order off you for later references.

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Wow! This is awesome! Keep up the good work! You are very talented!

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Bought off him for the second time, yet again another great result

Really talented Artist, has been my go-to for the past few years and is exceptionally skilled and provided the highest quality for a few bucks, definetely recommend him for his incredible quality as well as low price.

Berry is the man, got what I needed done and did so quickly with great quality as well. Extremely underrated, thanks Berry.

From now on this devforum would not be updated all new works would be in my Twitter @BerryTheNewbie as I have did everything and its pretty much hopeless to get my account back.