[OPEN] gfx designer for hire | homestore scriptwriter

Hello , i am hayley and i am a gfx artist i also help make homestores and i scrip them my gfxs are low quality so they will be cheap i been making gfxs for 1 year i been scriping homestores for a couple months now!

Here is some of my GFX work

My availability is MONDAY- Friday 12:00 AM - 1:30 PM EST time Saturday and Sunday I will be active but not working this will change when I go back to school! But I will update this when I do go back!

My payment we will go over on discord for my gfxs!

When I script homestore and put clothing on the mannequins my price range is around 100-200 payed in group funds or game passes

You can contact me on discord hayley#1277

I will accept you’re request ASAP

Thanks for reading have a good day.

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delete please i made a mistake