[OPEN] GFX Designer For Hire! [Icons, ADs & Logos]

:wave: Hey there!

I’m a GFX Thubmanil & Icon designer, and my name is Matt.
I’ve been doing This for around 1 Year Now! I have made many GFX Renders in the past, but now I’m trying to improve, even more, So I thought I would open up cheap commissions in case anyone is interested.


(logo also done by me)

(more examples will get added on as I make more)


(more examples will get added on as I make more)


(more examples will get added on as I make more)

:alarm_clock: I am available 24/7, Your order will be done in 1-3 days (Depending on how many commissions I have)! You can contact me at any time, but I am unable to respond to you if I am sleeping. My Timezone: GMT+2

:exclamation: Prices are listed below, but keep in mind that they also depend on the complexity of your commission and my demand.

Icon Prices:
:robux: Robux: 400 R$ - 600 R$
:moneybag: USD: 4$ - 6$

AD Prices:
:robux: Robux: 200 R$ - 400 R$
:moneybag: USD: 2$ - 4$

Logo Prices:
:robux: Robux: 400 R$ - 500 R$
:moneybag: USD: 4$ - 5$

:email: You Can Contact Me Here Via DevForum.
:email: You Can Contact Me Via Twitter - @TheMonzk
:email: You Can Contact Me Via Discord - Monk#3000
(My preferred contact method is Discord)

Thank You for taking the time to read this post, Have a great day!
Hopefully, we can work together! :slight_smile:


Highly recommend using Monk, he’s done around 7-8 thumbnails for me and is my go to GFX designer whenever I need something.


I 100% recommend him Monk.


Highly recommend using Monk he’s fast easy to work with and really cheap and does good quality work I like the hustle man keep it up hire monk today!

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hey i really liked what you did with the icon and thumbnail i would like to order but your discord doesn’t work since you changed it please tell me your discord name so i can send.

Hi, can you add me? I want to have my gfx done scammer 0009