[OPEN] GFX Designer For Hire


Greetings! I am lucasplayzonyt (now known as SkyvIeos), a GFX Artist. I try my best to provide amazing quality graphics for the community. I have opened my commissions for anyone interested.



(The scene render one was intentional for the dark space to fit late at night.
I DO have more work. Just need to let me know.


Renders: 80 Robux
Thumbnail: 150 Robux
Scene Renders: 250 (Not the best so limited quality)
Logo: 60

Wish to order from me?
DM RestaurantAuthority#8007 on Discord and I should respond!

Thanks for checking out my post! :smile:

The first one, the head is to the left, for some odd reason, and the hair has some type of whiteness on it.

  1. No lighting doe anyone. It looks like a warp, which I’m guessing is due tp the camera angle is off.

  2. Nothing to complain.

The McDonalds one is meant to be dark. It’s like a late night McDonalds. The head and whiteness was for a commission asked for by the customer. :slightly_smiling_face:

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