[OPEN] Gfx designer for temporary hire

Hey so recently i started making some gfx and posting them to the dev forum and I’ve had a lot positive messages i have made 3 fully edited ones so far but again i have had lots of positive feedback so i have decided to see if someone will hire me temporarily so i can get used to doing work for someone

Here are the 3 pieces of work (The 2 earliest ones are currently getting feedback still and may be edited again):


Like i said before im only temporary for a week i will do the work around 8am-4pm maybe later.


Prices are negotiable i want advance pay and asset pay in robux also group payment may not work as roblox verification system is pretty broken


Please contact me via discord:



The discord does not work. I am interested in your GFX, my discord is Lo08#1176

Hey i have sent a friend request on discord sorry for the delayed response i forgot to say i will not be active this weekend

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Hey thy look nice I was wondering how much would it cost for a icon

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it depends on how good you want it to be and how much time it takes so it can be from 10-100 or more if it takes a lot of time to make.