[OPEN] GFX Portfolio | FOR HIRE |Military Thematic

About Me

Hello!I am an author of GFX artist with at least 4 months of experience.I only use Roblox Studio,Blender and Photoshop to create Gfx.So far, I only make Thumbnails,but in the future I will make game icons.


Thumbnails and Prices


I am available throughout the day from 9:00 to 22:00 from Monday to Sunday.


Please respect each other, as well as me, please do not rush me.


Prices vary depending on the quality of GFX.If GFX contains more than 1 people, the price will be higher.If there is 3D clothing, the price will also be higher.I only accept Robux.
In order to avoid deception, I will send you the GFX with a watermark and when you are satisfied with the result and you send me Robux, I will send you GFX without a watermark.

If you are not satisfied with something in my prices, then do not write to me at all, do not waste your and my time. And all my orders are at least from 700 robux. thumbnail from 1200 robux

Pay Method

Method of sending robux:buying a VIP Server/Gamepass/Group Funds,but the buyer must cover the 30% tax,if buyer use VIP Server or Gamepass method.

How to cover the tax

Just pay 30% more.
GFX for 2500 R$ = 3250 R$ - This +30%
GFX for 1800 R$ = 2340 R$ - This +30%
GFX for 1300 R$ = 1690 R$ - This +30%
GFX for 750 R$ = 995 R$ - This +30%
GFX for 600 R$ = 780 R$ - This +30%
GFX for 500 R$ = 650 R$ - This +30%


You can contact me here on the Developer Forum Or in Discord,but I don’t accept voice calls,only chat.Discord: Delol#5772

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile: