[OPEN] Graphics Designer for Hire!

About Me:

Hi! My name is jxyvzz, but you can call me Jay! I have been doing GFX for about 4 months, and been on the ROBLOX Platform since 2014.(On another account, but got hacked.) I love to play adventure games, and love doing art on this platform!


Here are some examples of my work

My Personal Projects

Since it summertime, I’m available 8 hours every day on weekdays. Weekends i’m available 10 hours a day.

My prices are listed below:
Thumbnails: 500R$
Icons: 350R$
Other Options:I do accept percentage, but you must have a backup payment. If not, I will deny your order. I don’t accept USD. I can do t-shirt or gamepass, but you must pay a 30% tax before ordering.

Terms of Service(read carefully):

  • If your order violates ROBLOX TOS, I will deny your order.

  • I dont take general rudeness from clients. This will include racism, bullying, rude slurs and deragatory statements at all. If this happens, you will be blacklisted from my services.

  • Please don’t rush me for my services to be done, as my work takes about 3 to 4 days depending on the project, as I take breaks. If you do, I will finish the work, but this might prevent you from being able to contact my services.

  • I will give updates as much as I can, so when I do you may request changes. However, when the work is finished, you can’t request any changes, as all work is final.

  • Stealing or scamming any of my work will make yourself become blacklisted from my services. You will be reported on ROBLOX for the actions you done.

Discord: jxyvzz#5522

Thanks for reading! Can’t wait to start business with you hopefully soon! :heartbeat:

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Hey there, beautiful artwork you have made. Keep it up :+1: That too you are only 4 months experienced . I would like to point out a couple of things. In this one, there are many cropped up images of particles. Now, I’m not sure if it is intentional or not, but, you can make these particles transparent by going to the layer’s properties and turning on ‘screen mode’(Most Editing software have it, I guess), due to which the black background would get removed and the remaining particles would be there.

Second one, this pic here. This pose is amazing. Lighting can be improved. There is too much of harsh lighting. There is too much of glow on this hand maybe you could have decreased it a little. Overall, the lighting could be soft.image

Overall, your portfolio is excellent, and the rates are also decent. 9/10.

Will try to imporve! Thanks for the feedback!

Iv’e updated my showcase, meaning more examples for me to show if your interested!