[OPEN] Graphics Portfolio

About Me

Hey, I’m AnnualD and I’ve been making graphics designs for over 5 years now and have been fairly good at them. I’m always fun to work with, and always open to collaborations and short term projects. I’ve been involved with many projects such as Witching Hour with Yellow Gearworks, in which I model as an amateur.


You can view my 3D models here: AnnualD's Models - Roblox

Here are some screenshots of my work:

I have textured this infinity gauntlet.

Textured and made some edits to the models.

You can view more examples here: AnnualDeath - Hobbyist, Digital Artist | DeviantArt


I am available to work at any reasonable time in the BST timezone.


I accept either pay per asset which is currently 15 GBP / 17.50 USD for graphics. My preferred payment method is through PayPal. I have not opened modelling commissions yet. Payment should preferably be done while ordering.


You can contact me here on the Developer Forum or via Twitter at: https://twitter.com/AnnualD

Thanks for reading, and feel free to leave a review or constructive criticism down below! :smile:


Your work looks awesome!

Your Twitter dms are closed.

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Thanks, I’ve just started using the DevForums, so this was really helpful!

Good quality graphics, very good pricing.

I may be interested in hiring you in the future once you’ve got more examples of your work.