[Open] gsck, Gameplay Programming

About Me

Hey! My name is gsck, I am a scripter, and have been for 6 years (Nearing on 7). I am familiar with most of the important Roblox’s APIs, and other Open Source libraries and frameworks (e.g. AeroGameFramework, Maid, Promises etc). I am familiar with most modern Roblox programming practices (Single script architecture, OOP).
I don’t really like programming UI, however I am able to do so if required.


I have 3 released games which you can view here:

Screenshots and videos

Fractal Tree generator
More generic looking tree

Audio waveform ( Or rather loudness graph thing ), with scrubbing
Hoverboard system
Tree Chopping thing for simulator game (Game is linked above)
Building System like Retail Tycoon
Efficient NPC system, 1000 NPC at roughly 60FPS, used in Arcade Tycoon (Linked above)
Getting MIDI input into Roblox using a Java program to receive the input and do some magic to get it into Roblox

Whatever you need done, there is a good chance I


I am available for 3-5 hours a day, everyday (For the most part, college timetable may change). You can contact me anytime and I will most likely respond within the hour, if im not out.


Prices are negotiable, I accept either hourly pay or per asset. My preferred payment method is PayPal, however can do Robux, must be the equivalent to USD value in Robux with some extra on top, I don’t like taking Robux commissions because it takes longer to cash out.


You can contact me on the devforum, on my twitter @gsckoco, or on Discord at gsck#8090

Hope to hear from you soon!