[OPEN] [HIGH-PAY][150k+ STUDIOS] Developers needed urgently!


Vanity Studios is hiring part-time Gameplay and UI Programmers!
Location : Due to the recent pandemic we’ll be working purely remote.

Payment : This is solely reliant on what you’re doing, yet a accurate range would be. (400 – 2,000 USD)
Percentages and other forms of payment are also negotiable!

About Vanity Studios
Vanity Studio isn’t only a studio, it’s a family. We try our best, here at Vanity, to treat our developers with the utmost respect and inclusivity! Vanity currently has 178k+ members and is growing daily. We’re on our road to 200k members , and we want you to help us achieve that goal. With over 20 heavily played games (1M+ Visits) and multiple Roblox hits. We at Vanity Studios want you, come ride with us!

About our games!
Our games at Vanity exceed in both quality and content. With a ambitious corp of developers and a creative staff anything is possible. We release games on a rather fast basis due to the amount of on-going projects and the speedy workplace environment at Vanity – yet that doesn’t effect our game’s utmost quality in the slightest. Vanity games are the pinnacle of creativity and hard work.

You can see our group and games alike here:


Vanity Studio

Vanity Studio is a group on Roblox owned by maaz322 with 178737 members. Hello everyone and thanks for joining Vanity Studios! We do questions so you all can help us improve! Here’s some rules so everyone stays happy: -Don’t post hate, your message…

From a current developer at Vanity Studios:

As a programmer, Vanity provides me with a platform to utilize my creativity and handwork – and get greatly rewarded hereafter. It’s such a refreshment from constantly switching commissions and either getting a dead-end, unorganized mess to work on or – some underpaid garbage. Vanity changed this. They provided me with a constant stream of work and payment without having to abide by the daily struggle of searching aimlessly for dead-end commission work.


  • To express creativity!
  • To be a diligent developer!
  • To be respectful towards collegiums!
  • To be active and try your best to finish tasks.
  • To be able to complete simple instructions and follow directions.




  • Plan and implement creative gameplay content according to our roadmap using Roblox Studio and Lua.
  • Collaborate with staff to have access to a whole network of connections for you to finish projects!
  • Understand and extend existing frameworks and systems to support the features necessary for your creative updates.


  • Moderate Grasp on Roblox API
  • Fluent in English
  • A portfolio to show our staff!
  • A good attitude and ready to make some money.

Something unique here at Vanity is we give back to our develoers. Offering them shares into our new releases to both motivate them to develop good content and give them the chance to make some real money.
Est. $400 - $2,000 USD / Per Job + Percentage/Shares


Easy! Just send me a message on Discord and we’ll discuss your application further. Prepare your portfolio beforehand

Discord: scout#2551

Thank you for taking time to read this, have a wonderful day! :heartbeat:

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