[OPEN ]Hiring 1.1K members shop Manager

[OPEN ]Hiring 1.1K members shop Manager

Hello! My name is Pablo and I’m owner of Deluxe Shop.
This is a 1.1K members clothing shop and we mainly focus on troll cloth and cloth focus on 8 - 12 year old kids.

I’m looking for a active manager that can help in management and creating Pants & Shirts.

About Payment

Payment will be discuss in DMS but we will pay according to your work and performance. Remember that this is mainly for fun and not for money.


  • +13 Years Old.
  • Have Discord.
  • Able to use VC.
  • Active.
  • Have Past Experience.
  • Good grammar and good reputation.
  • Able to do high quality cloth.
  • Non-Toxic
  • Able to do QOTD or be good on engagement team.

You may contact via Discord by Its_PG#4091 or Its_PG#6540 (Please dm both)
If you can’t contact me join the discord server: Discord

When contacting me please say your roblox username & discord. You will be asked few questions and the best applicant will be choosen.

-Deluxe Shop Management Team

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