[OPEN] Hiring 3D Modelers(10k+)

Hi all,

Overshadow Entertainment is currently hiring 3d modelers who can make high poly guns or items. We prefer people who can do pbr texturing as well but good quality textures are accepted.

We need 2 modelers:

1/2 Modeler- Will be assigned Guns and melees and will be assigned to make high poly or pbr guns for us.

2/2 modeler- Will be asked to model and make high poly/pbr items such as: Modular building assets,Props.In-Game items and more.

Payment- We pay 10k+ robux either monthly or bi weekly and we tend to pay more as bonuses to hard workers.

Simply dm me on discord: sup peeps#7244 or reply in this post with further questions.

Thanks for reading and taking your time.

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Sent you a friend request: DevFrags#2441

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Alright check your discord. I have a lot of requests so bare with me :slight_smile:

Your tag isn’t working, could you friend me Idiofy3D#7067

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