[OPEN] Hiring a 3D Car Modeler

City of Las Mesas - Car Subcontract


Trujieli Group
Trujieli Group is a conglomerate of scripters, builders, and developers, animators, and modelers currently working on the City of Las Mesas, a city genre focused on fast, fun, gameplay & roleplay. As contractor you will be tasked with, and paid for a specific piece of work, per the agreement between Trujieli Group & the contractor.

@TommyTrujieli - Head Builder & Project Manager / Owner
@Xulp - Head Scripter / Owner
@KnightBanneret - Senior Builder / Owner
@bigpiggy125 Associate Builder
@gingermark - Associate Builder
@Edison5005 - Associate Scripter
@SupremeTrollblox - Associate Modeler
@zombikiller426A - Associate Animator
@Quilboar - Idea Consultant
@KorbloxExploder - Political Consultant

Scope of Work

This work will include the 3D modeling of various vehicles based on 80s automobiles (reference images and the names of the referenced vehicles will be provided, with a few attached to this post). The models should preferably be mid-poly (see attached screenshots of the game, or visit to get a basic feel for the level of complexity), with separate doors, tail lights & headlights, and wheels. An addition to the work includes a basic interior, allowing for transparent glass, so that players driving the vehicle may be seen. All vehicles should remain unbranded, for copyright purposes.

Example of provided reference images

1986 Ford Mustang

Game Complexity

Attached are various screenshots of the game, including a link if you want to check it out yourself. This should help you gauge the level of complexity / poly that is involved.

City of Las Mesas

We suspect the game will need over ten vehicles, and you will be given work as the team determines what exact vehicles are to be included in the project, initially you will be given a set of vehicles to begin working on.

Proof of Work

Contractors are expected to provide examples of past work, preferably through their Devforum portfolio. If unable to provide examples of past work, the contractor may be asked to create an example. This example is not liable to payment if the owner deems it to be of insufficient quality.


Payment will be negotiated between the contractor and owner, with the contractor submitting an initial price via discord or Devforum DM. Prices given replying to this post will be ignored. Payment should be on a per model basis. Upon proof of completion on any model the contractor will be paid the agreed upon price, pending approval of Trujieli Group, after which the contractor will give the model to the owner. Trujieli Group reserves the right to deny acceptance of any model deemed unsatisfactory, however all accepted models will be paid for prior to being received by the owner.

Contact Us

Contact here on the Developer Forum via direct message or through discord: b0b#4048
We look forward to working with you here at Trujieli Group, thank you for your time, if you’re interested please leave a message, and get in touch with us.

You must be 13 years or older to apply.


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