[OPEN] Hiring a programmer for successful project. [13%]

About Us

Hi there! We are Ultimate Developers, a small upcoming game development team. Our current project is a Demon Slayer game called Slayer’s World. We are currently looking for a skilled programmer that is able to deliver high-quality code.

The Team
@Aligami_Sanoru - UI / Creative Lead
@DeluxeDev - Lead Scripter
@iiToxicSpider- Scripter
@Fahan - Modeler
@ZombiePlugin - Animator
@photonavius - Terrain
@LuaBearyGood - Investor / Game design / Voluntary programmer

You can see our progress so far here:
Game: https://www.roblox.com/games/3977968708/Coming-Soon-Slayers-Rising?refPageId=b7582a31-d2bd-4b80-88a7-a5980d50f00c
Group: https://www.roblox.com/groups/5046712/UltimateDevelopers#!/about

A bit of background our last project slayers rising was making about 400k R$ in pre alpha a week before a hacker ruined the economy and player base. this project is made by the same team and has the same basis as that game except made with a higher quality.

We have a roblox community of around 6000 people.
We have a discord community of around 4000 people.

We are looking for an ACTIVE long term scripter to help push the game towards release and continue to update the game after. You should be able to produce efficient and high quality scripts while working in a fairly large team.

You will be working with both front and back end systems including AI and player vs player interactions (not just combat). For example you may be required to program a training AI / trading system.

Some ‘sneak peeks’


Slayer's World [AI] [Slayer's Rising Revamp] - YouTube



In return you will receive up to 13% of game profits


Contact us on discord at: LuaBearyGood#5499
Or contact me here on dev forums (keep in mind I scim over notifications so you may get missed.)


There are multiple issues with this post.

You are looking for 2 different positions in different parts of the post without clarifying the details for both, only the scripter role, but I imagine this is just because you forgot to edit it when copy pasting.

Next, the pay offered is horrible. 13% is absolutely not enough to pay anyone for a job like this. Assuming that your claim of 400k Robux per week is factual, which I doubt to begin with, that means the scripter will be paid about 52k Robux per week, or, $182 USD. This means that the scripter will be making, if lucky, $10k per year. A high 4 figure salary. This is less than a decent minimum wage job would pay. Since you note that the scripter will be “ACTIVE long term”, and judging by the specifics of the job listed, this won’t be an ‘on the side’ type of job. Due to this, the pay is unacceptable.

Secondly, do you have permission from the owner of the IP for this anime? You are making money off of it so if not illegal, it is at least unethical. Why not make up your own concept and bring it to life instead of using someone else’s?


Ok im happy to address your concerns :+1:

Yep, was just copy pasting standard info and forget to edit this bit so apologies for that, it is now fixed

We do not have any outrageous guidelines about qualifications etc. and are really just looking for someone who is active and can produce good quality code, the 400k robux figure was accurate before the game was hacked, and keep in mind the game was in a pre-alpha stage. We are projecting much higher revenue for the future but I felt that was irrelevant to bring up given we have no actual proof of it.

We think the pay is fair given we have lead a successful past project and have high ambitions for this one, we have the funds and can considered commission base if the quality is not compromised. However form experience given our experience % has a higher demand and produced better work quality.

This is off topic, and it is not for you to talk about. We use no official branding from the anime and while it is possible we are infringing on IP games on roblox top rated follow the same anime and if the IP owners ask us to make changes we will be more then willing to oblige.

Have you seen all the successful anime games on Roblox? Examples: swordburst2 which is based on sao(sword art online), then you have anime fighting simulator which is a crossover of multiple anime, blox fruits based on the anime one piece. So it’s not really stealing or a big deal when making a game about a anime people love, and like @LuaBearyGood said if the owners themselves tell us to change stuff we would be happy to listen to them. Also slayers rising was just in pre alpha before when it got hacked.

Are you that entitiled or something? If I was a scripter and saw this Id jump right ahead. 10k USD a year (assuming a good year) ! For staying at home scripting maybe 5-6 hours tops per day maybe weekends off Is amazing if you are younger than 16 and cant get a real job. Sure if you can make more from a real job his isnt for you but this would be alot for some younger scripters.

You leading a successful project in the past is irrelevant seeing as how this pay would have been horrible even for it as well, even when it was at its peak. High ambitions are not good enough to justify terrible pay, especially if that successful game was apparently ruined by a single hacker and you are forced to remake it.

“If your friend jumped off a bridge, would you do it too?”, “See, I did commit this crime, but these guys did it too and haven’t been caught, so I should be innocent!”. And how exactly is this off-topic? It is absolutely on-topic seeing as how a number of popular Roblox games were shut down or forced to change when Roblox cracked down on their illegal brand usage. Copyright doesn’t work in a way that allows you to just make money off of the brand until you get told to stop.

Note how many of those games, like Swordburst, avoid any direct infringement. That and not all are successful because they are anime games. They are successful either by good promotion, or by quality.

Ignoring the rude comment, paying little just because the person agrees to it is not known to be ethical. That is why the minimum wage was introduced in the first place; to stop people from being ripped off legally. It’s not called being entitled, its called knowing what scripting work is worth and how much is too little of a pay.
The point of my comments is to get a better understanding as to why the pay is so low and to give anyone who sees this a note of it.


According to the team list you would be working with about 3 other people splitting work. Also, most scripters would not charge more than the offered pay (Assuming 52k robux per week is correct & consistent). Ive seen many scripters who charge somewhere in the 100k-200k range for the whole project if they are good, if this is full time/a full games work you could expect to earn up to 200k per month. Converting to DevEx and multiplying by 12 gives a rough number of around 8400 USD per year.

Sure its not alot but this isnt an actual employmee position for a company. It dosent fall under the requierments for minimum wage as it isnt working for a company at the actual job working hours and you sign probably 0 contracts (Or 1 because hes gambiling with alot of robux).

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