[OPEN] Hiring a Scripter Experienced With Shop Systems/GUIs

About The Project

Hello there! I am looking for a scripter who knows how to make shopping systems on Roblox. To be more specific, I would like a shop gui to be developed where players may buy trails, pets, emotes/animations, more currency, etc. The currency would be in coins, but they are earned based on the amount of time they are in the game (ex - for every five minutes, they earn a coin). Since the currency is time-based, I would also like for random coins to spawn around the map every few minutes or so. The amount of coins they have would not show up in the leaderboard; instead, their screens would display their currency amount (or in the shop gui, whichever is easier). And lastly, I would also like a ‘reward system’ that gives them an amount of coins every day (ex- 10 coins per 24 hours that can be claimed).


I will be paying in Robux through group payout. We can negotiate through direct messages!

Contact Me

I am not a scripter and I am not sure if everything I listed can become a reality, but if you are interested please list your discord below and I will reach out to you! If possible, list any work you’ve previously had so I can see the type of experience you have. Thank you!

I’m unfortunately too busy right now, but to make it clear for others: are you looking for a scripter to make this, a GUI designer who make the gui or both? Scripting and GUI designing are two different things, so it will maybe help to make it more clear!
Good luck with your project!

I messaged you about the details of my commission, make sure to read it if you’re interested.

Understood! I’m very much new to forum posting so I appreciate the clarification. As of right now, I am looking for a scripter who can also design the GUI. If that is not possible, then my main priority is the coding aspect. Thank you!

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