[OPEN] Hiring a Scripter! Please Read!

About Me

Hi there! I’m Foxarocious, known as HiddenSavageYT; a Semi-Successful Developer on the Roblox platform! I’ll try to do my best and straight-foward with what I’m looking for.

Job / Game Discussion

The game is The Joy of Creation: Halloween Edition. Simple as that.
You may say: “This game won’t be successful.” When, it’s really quite the opposite, the game already has 400+ Visits, & 40+ Favorites which were received on just the MID Progress Release. Which was received when the game was made public for not even 24 hours, when the ads were running. (Not even finished; Not even the Full Release.)
What I mean by MID Progress Release is the Roblox Public get to see the Midway amount of Progress that I’ve made on this game.
This game could be HIGHLY Successful, it just needs the proper work put into it.

Here’s the link to the game: The Joy of Creation: Halloween Edition - Roblox

[Note] I will be improving the builds, etc as we update the game.
Here’s what the Main Menu area is looking as of right now:

Here's what the Main Menu area is looking as of right now:

About The Job

I am looking for a Scripter to aid in scripting this game. I’m somewhat decent at Scripting, however I’m self-taught & haven’t learned some basic key concepts in Scripting. In short, I need a Scripting who knows how to Script a Main Menu into effect, which I can make, Script a Teleport feature; Once players hit the “Play” button on the Main Menu, they need to be teleported to the main location of the game. I also need the Scripter to Script other simple features such as: A FNaF Security door that is closed, & that lifts up, once the player reaches it, since it’s the spawn point of the game. I also need the Scripter to be able to Script cut-scenes & the main antagonist: Ignited SpringTrap into walking, running & jumpscaring, Which I can do the Animations for. I expect high quality, smooth scripts that flow nicely with the game & the game’s style. Having a good communication skill is HIGHLY appreciated, as it will help you be payed, keep your job, ask questions, etc. I check game progress daily and NEED to maintain a healthy relationship with one another, for this game to work.

The Team
@HiddenSavageYT (Myself) - Everything but Scripting: Animation, GFX, Modeling, Building, Translating, &Whatnot (Practically everything but Scripting.)
@You - Scripter (For those who are good in other regions and not just scripting, I’ll allow you to take that other or few portion(s) over.)

Scheduled Release

I’d like for the game to be finished & ready for the Full Release by August-September.
This is so it will give me & you enough time to go back over, give the game a nice polish, & make it ready for the Full Release.
This is also so we can give our Game (Beta) Testers enough time to go through looking & finding bugs, & beating the game.
I, personally will release the game’s Full Release on October 31st (Halloween)

Payment Notice

You’ll be payed either in milestones, upon FULL completion of your scripting, or once the game is Fully Released. I’m leaving this choice optional, so we can agree to one of the options & begin working.

How will I receive Payment?

There’s a few ways of payment. The first one is PayPal. The Second one is Robux that I make, that I’ll give to you, by buying a shirt or product that you’ve made (Can be anything & doesn’t have to be pretty.) The Third method is by you joining my group, NyLoN Studios, & me Buying one of the products, & using the freshly transferred Group Funds to distribute to you, either by a Percentage, or by a Payout.


I’ll be more than glad to answer any questions, or follow any suggestions.

Contact Me

You can contact me by a few ways:
Developer Forum: @HiddenSavageYT
Discord: Foxarocious#5401
Discord Server: Discord
Email 1: iflareyofficial@gmail.com
Email 2: foxarociousbusiness@gmail.com
Twitter: https://twitter.com/FlareyI
You must be 13 years or older to apply, simply for the majority of the Social Media platform’s ToS, Maturity, etc.

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:

Hey do you need a GUI Designer?


I am interested contact : ItsChoco#0902
My portfolio Beez_up| Scripter

I’ve added you :slight_smile:


I am interested, you seem like a nice and fair person and I would love to work with you on your project! :slight_smile: Contact me on discord: nicc#7485

Alrighty then :slight_smile:
I’ve added you.

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