[Open] Hiring a scripter/programmer

About Me
Hello, My name is DrippyRyze I am an aspiring developer. I have been on Roblox for many years. I started in late 2015 with just being a casual player then in about 2018 took a break. In 2020 I came back and I started to get into the Roblox Studio aspect of Roblox and it took me away.

About The Project
At the moment I am looking for a programmer to make me a custom vehicle chassis. I am looking for someone to make a custom one not one taken from the free model tool box. The vehicles I am needed a chassis for are Hypercars/Supercars as well as civilian cars.

Due Date

I can do USD and Robux.
25-150+ usd
10-120k robux+

Contact Information
Discord: Ryze#6578 (BEST WAY TO CONTACT ME FAST)
Twitter: @DrippyRyze
Roblox messages: DrippyRyze
Developer forum: DrippyRyze

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