[OPEN] Hiring a Viewmodel/FPS Animator for a completed game!

About Us
Hey there! Terabyte Studios is looking for animators for our title “Redux”, a first-person shooter.

The Team
@isostae - Tech Director
@415codite - Creative Director

Check out our current progress: https://twitter.com/terabyterblx

About The Job
We are looking for an animator capable of animating viewmodel (fps) guns (reloads, bolts/chambers, weapon switching, etc). We have transitioned to Roblox animations from an older outdated sytem and need to rig and reanimate the already existing weapons. Other than this, the game is in a playable state (yet poorly animated, gameplay below) and we can implement and see your work in action almost immediately.

Here is an example of the type of animations we’re looking for (weapon tilt and dynamic movement is controlled via script):

Our game has about 13 guns that need to be animated. Each one requires approximately 3 poses and 4 animations (standard, some exceptions for special weapon types).

Poses: Idle, Aiming, Sprinting
Animations: Equip, Unequip, Reload (Chambered), Reload (Empty)

We expect each asset will take between 1-2 hours.

We will be paying per asset/animation set, with your preferred method (Robux, USD). Price points can be discussed once we’re in contact, but they are assuredly competitive.

Contact Us
You can contact us on Discord:

Our respective Twitters:

Official Terabyte Discord:

You must be 13 years or older to apply.

Thanks for reading!


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