[OPEN] [%] Hiring an advanced programmer for a unique fighting game [HI-POTENTIAL]

We are Team Sun & Moon

A new and rising team of game-makers aiming for greatness.

And we are offering you an opportunity to be a part of it.

We are looking for an advanced scripter for our upcoming (Huge potential) game
A new, ultra unique fighting game coming to Roblox
Take control of a detailed character from a unique roster and battle it out in a platform-brawler arena!
Find your worth and test your skills in ranked matches!
Lose yourself in the immersive experience of Story mode!


There is lots of work to do. Here is a brief overview of the main things the scripter will be tasked with

Making the character selection system with a weekly-changing roster

Creating accurate hitboxes for the many attacks.

Creating a ranking system with a leaderboard [post-beta]

Working alongside the VFX artist to create special moves

Creating a battle pass sytstem and crate opening service.

Creating zoom-in ultimate moves and story cutscenes

Animating characters’ fighting moves [not a must from you but it’d be great if you can]

Script a player control fighting system for mobile, PC and consoles [will be similar to Super Smash Bros]

Script a battle system similar to Super Smash Bros



Able to work well with a team [especially the VFX artist]

13 years old or more

Must have good time management and be devoted to the job

Must have Discord and be a regular user

Have good manners and address your fellow developers in a respectful way


Be 15 years or older

Able to do scripting AND UI

Able to animate in addition to script

Have no other work in their schedule


As much as I’d to offer an amazing sum of Robux or dollars, but sadly I don’t have any funds, so payment will be in percentage. The percentages are still being worked out.

You will get over 20% of the profits, more if you can do the UI and animation

I understand how risky percentage payment is, and how some scripters don’t accept percentages, this game has lots of
to be a great game, as no game of this style has been made before at such a large scale. So if you were thinking of not applying, reconsider, as this could be a great opportunity.

You can contact us on the Developer Forum, or you can head to the Sun&Moon discord server.
If you’d like to privately contact me, my username is


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