[OPEN] Hiring An Experienced Scripter in Roleplay Games | Paying in USD, Robux and %

About Me And The Project :wave:


I am AG and I am looking for a scripter to work along with me on an online marketplace with me .

We need someone who is highly experienced in roblox scripting , may that be building , housing , pets , trading , dress up systems and what not .

We will be making kits having both 3D and scripting sides . Our aim is to provide top level systems to game developers looking to make roleplay games . With so many developers coming up to make Roleplay games , this for sure will bring in business.

Proof Of Concept :mag:

I am a low poly modeller and am very experienced in this space of virtual goods . I have been a developer on Cooking In The Rain ( 3M+ Visits ) , Horse Academy (500k+ Visits ) , Shopping Spree ( 2M+ Visits ) and even Creator Island ( WIP )

I have made many kits in the past and have sold them on various marketplaces . They have been proven to be quite profitable .


I am willing to pay in Robux, USD or %

Kindly dm for more information :information_source:

AG#6823 on discord :yellow_heart:

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