[OPEN] Hiring Builders for a Horror Sword Fighting game!

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Hiring Request

Hello, My name is Brennan and I’ve been scripting for 2 - 3 years now. I am making a sword game and I’ve decided I’ll hire a builder/modeler to make it with me.

If you get hired you are required to make the entire game with me. You need to be able to build and make swords in blender

If you leave close before the game is in its Alpha Release you’ll get no payment If you without doing any work you get no payment If you leave but do a few assets of work you’ll get 100 Robux, else you get 40% of game profit

You are in charge of creating the Katanas if you can, Houses, Areas (Mountains, Forest, Springs, Lakes/Oceans, ect…), and if you can the evil.

Don’t worry about rushing anything, as long as you get it done within a decent date we’ll be cool. I don’t like to make people feel uncomfortable so take your time.

**You will be getting your own workshop to keep everything you make inside. I will add them into the game when ready (Just so we don’t mess something up on accident).

About the game
The game is a Japanese American Horror Sword fighting game.
Players can kill npcs which are evil or each other.
There are bounty’s, Ranks, Currency, and of course swords (Mainly Katanas)
The player can choose to be a Slayer which in this case are people who slay the evil, or be evil themselves and slay the slayers.


Amount Of Robux: 300+(If not working much), Percentage: 40% (45% if you work nicely)


Discord: TRParkour



Here’s a little gfx I made with one of the swords. I’m not great at them (Labeled so no one steals)

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Do you need like Dungeons completed of a builder? I am a low poly builder

Dungeons would be nice but you’d have to be able to build more than that, it won’t be high poly things thought.

I am a low poly experienced builder, I am better at it then medium poly… So is that okay?

Yep. That’s perfectly fine. [30 Characters]

I’ll contact you.
30 char
s s s s s

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I’ve added you on discord. [30 Chars]

Sorry, whats your username? I have like 40 requests

Joe w key 3 0 c h a r s s s s s

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Okay, I accepted it 30 charact-

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