[OPEN] Hiring clothing designers for FPS arcade game

Job overview:
I am making an arcade FPS game and I need a clothing designer to make the clothes for the skins. The game is kind of like arsenal, you probably get the point of the game.

About us:
I am the main developer, GalaxyWorld and my main development partner is korbykobs.
@korbykobs - He isn’t on DevForum :grimacing:

The payment is through game shares. You will earn 5% - 20% of all income, debatable and dependent on your quality.

Other Info:
You will not need to send the shirt / trousers, you will need to sell it for a stupidly high price so I can get the Id of the work then you can offsale it.

Add me on dis GalaxyWorld#6728

I don’t follow? You can get the ID of any item without purchasing it. There’s even a way to steal clothing templates in order to re-upload any item for FREE.

I’m not accusing you of trying to scam, but I’m just pointing out that it would be very easy for you if that was your plan. Please pay the designer before they give you access to the product :slight_smile:


Okay, I was thinking about designing them myself but it is very time consuming when I should really be scripting it. The main problem is that I have lots of R$ but not much as group funds to pay out yet.

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