[OPEN] Hiring Developers (10 - 20k Robux)

About Us

Hey there! We are Overbuild, a game development team. We’re looking for developers e.g. Scripters, Builders, Graphics designers, etc, who are willing to join our team and work with us on Dynamite our still in development game.

More about the Game

The game is a high energy fast paced game with rpg elements (maybe), this will include special abilities, pets, storyline (Maybe), etc.
Each map will be diverse and won’t just be copying each other. All the maps will be different. For example, you will get maps that will be Dark and gloomy and others that are Sunny and happy.

Roles needed to be fulfilled

1 More Builders
1 More Scripter
1 UI Designer

If your skill set doesn’t fit the criteria, don’t worry you can still apply. If you are good enough we will go over your work and assess if you can join or not.

About The Job

We are looking for a professional Developers to join our team. We expect high quality creations that adhere to our standards. Good communication skills are appreciated.


We are paying in either Group funds or Limited’s

If your chosen payment is Group funds depending on what work you are able to complete we will pay you between 10 - 20k that’s if you are a Builder or Scripter. If you excel our expectations, we will likely pay over the original payment. Payment for Graphics designers are negotiable, payment will be closer to the 10k mark, as such payments are always negotiable for both scripter/builder and graphic deigner.

Contact Us

You can contact us here on Discord at: Quin#6677

Thank You for Reading


Might want to explain your game a bit more so more people apply. You should also specifically outline how many builders, scripters, modeller and graphic designers you need. Also you might want to add how much they are getting paid for what job they pick.

Overall, good job and best wishes for development in the future!


Problem with explaining it more, there is a chance the idea itself could be stolen.


I send you a friend request at discord. Hope u accept

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Are you looking for a modeller? And if so, would the models have to be low-poly?

Yeah, I am, I’m curious to see your skills, hmu.

I have sent you a friend request on discord.

  • kidsxft#0001
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Hi im a ui dev add me on discord supermanaymany#0402

Hello my name is cacex, im a graphic designer with alot of experience.
I’d like to take part of this project. Graphic designer | highly experienced

My discord tag: cacex#0002

I’m a developer and i’m willing if you could hire me. I don’t have dis so try friend me on Roblox and add others into team chat thanks.

I am interested I will send a FR on discord right now.

Hello, we could work if everything out on Developer Forum, if you like?

Sent a request my discord is Jurou#4173 see you there!

Hello, your post doesn’t say you need a 3D modeller but in case you do, check me out. I do high, medium, and low poly

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Hi, there I am interested.

Here is my portfolio: [Open] Builder/Terrain Editor

My discord is sureloxx#7985

Alright thank you for replying.

I sent you a friend request at discord, Ryder.#9033 . I am interested in the Graphics Designer role, (my portfolio doesn’t have my best work I will update it later but I’ll show you my best work on discord.)

Have you already hired builders because i’d like to take place as a builder thanks.

This sounds like a pretty neat game. I sent you a friend request on discord. (geb#5228)
Portfolio: [FOR HIRE] Torchic's Building Portfolio

Happy to be working with this group, With this project, They’ve opened the doors to a possible future for me in Development.