[OPEN] Hiring Developers (10 - 20k Robux)

I send you a friend request at discord. Hope u accept

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Are you looking for a modeller? And if so, would the models have to be low-poly?

Yeah, I am, I’m curious to see your skills, hmu.

I have sent you a friend request on discord.

  • kidsxft#0001
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Hi im a ui dev add me on discord supermanaymany#0402

Hello my name is cacex, im a graphic designer with alot of experience.
I’d like to take part of this project. Cacexo - Graphics Designer / Speedy Delivery / High Quality Designs (REVAMPED)

My discord tag: cacex#0002

I’m a developer and i’m willing if you could hire me. I don’t have dis so try friend me on Roblox and add others into team chat thanks.

I am interested I will send a FR on discord right now.

Hello, we could work if everything out on Developer Forum, if you like?

Sent a request my discord is Jurou#4173 see you there!

Hello, your post doesn’t say you need a 3D modeller but in case you do, check me out. I do high, medium, and low poly

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Hi, there I am interested.

Here is my portfolio: [Open] Builder/Terrain Editor

My discord is sureloxx#7985

Alright thank you for replying.

I sent you a friend request at discord, Ryder.#9033 . I am interested in the Graphics Designer role, (my portfolio doesn’t have my best work I will update it later but I’ll show you my best work on discord.)

Have you already hired builders because i’d like to take place as a builder thanks.

This sounds like a pretty neat game. I sent you a friend request on discord. (geb#5228)
Portfolio: Torchic000's Low-Poly Map/Asset Design Portfolio

Happy to be working with this group, With this project, They’ve opened the doors to a possible future for me in Development.

Added you on discord. You haven’t responded to me yet

I would like to apply for GFX ARTIST Social#8980

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