[OPEN] Hiring Developers For A Upcoming Project!

About Us
Hello! We are a small development team currently working on a upcoming game! This game will be big and we hope it will bring immersive new experience the the Roblox platform.

The Team
@Soggy_Cheatos - Game Idea, Game Design, Head of development
@Audacious_F3llow - Scripter
@Soggy_Cheatos - Builder
@Nobody - Modeler
@Nobody - GUI designer
@Nobody - GFX

Nice Haves!
:sparkling_heart: 13+!
:sparkling_heart: You are nice!
:sparkling_heart: Have at least 2 hours a day!
:sparkling_heart: Has discord!
:sparkling_heart: 1+ years of experience with Roblox studio!

:boom: Discord!
:boom: Experience with studio!
:boom: Must be a nice person!

Game Style
This game style is a cartoony game with a Low - poly building style. This game will not be within any range of a realistic style.

About The Job(s)
GUI Designer - Your job will be to make cartoony GUI. I will show you pictures after you contact me on discord (scroll down for discord name)

Modeler Your job will be to make models such as: Tool models, In - game assets such as: Trees, bushes, clouds, etc. (Must be Low - Poly!)

Please read what is provided below

Scripter - 20%
Modeler - 15%
GUI - 15%
Builder / Head Dev - 30%
GFX - 20%

Percentages may be discussed when you contact me (Below)


Discord - @Bobby_Builderz#9237 (don’t copy the (@)

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