[OPEN] Hiring Developers for an SCP Game [100K]


Hello everyone! I’m currently hiring a few developers from different areas to work on a SCP Roleplay game. The current members on the team are all friendly, but we tend to maintain a professional profile at the same time. This project has been started on 11/10/2020, and we’re currently planning on releasing in a 1 month span.

About the Project

This game will be based off the whole SCP genre, with Class-D, Combative teams, Scientists to conduct tests, etc. The main point of the game is to focus on the Roleplay aspect and make it as interactive as possible. This game will not be group based, meaning there won’t be divisions for teams. The facility is aimed to be mid-high poly, and is already around 60% complete. There will be different levels of SCPs, those being Safe, Euclid, and Keter SCPs. We’re aiming to not only replicate other SCP games, but also add special twists when it comes to tasks for certain teams, and add little twists to SCPs to make something original. Major part of SCP system has already been scripted, as well as alarms, breaches, gates, etc. However, there is still much more work to be done.

Positions and Payments

Contact to discuss USD payments

Scripter (2/2): 75,000-100,000 Robux
Builder(s) (1/2): 50,000 Robux
Modeler (1/2): 25,000-40,000 Robux
UI Designer (1/1): 35,000-75,000
Terrain Designer (0/1): 10,000 Robux


You can reach me on the following platforms;
Discord: Peg#0001
Twitter: @BucketV_RBLX
DevForum DM

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions


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