[OPEN] Hiring developers for similator game!

About Me

Hi! My name is ProGamerKuzey_C. You can call me Pro. Im developing for 2 years. I can program gui, part. But I don’t know API, HTTP S, Scale and Offset. I can build too but Im very noob in it. Please help me for developing this similator game. Game type is Noob Similator.

The Team
@ProGamerKuzey_C - Lead Developer/Scripter
??? - Environment Design
??? - Scripter
??? - UI

About The Job

We are looking for a professional developers to join our team as our lead content artist. We expect high quality builds that adhere to our game’s style. Good communication skills are appreciated; we check team progress daily and want to maintain a healthy relationship with one another.


We are paying R$ for your experince.

Contact Us

My discord is RIP. Message me in Forum
You must be 13 years or older to apply

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:


Hi there just to confirm, are you paying in Robux or Brazilian Reals?


I just paying robux. Thanks for the feedback.


Hello there, i suggest you to take more time concerning the payment part since almost none would work on such a project without a payment as a counterpart for their hardwork.

And also, i think i caught a little typo here.

Other than that, i hope you’ll get a team really soon and i wish you some great luck in your simulator project. :slight_smile:

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Thanks! I hope I’ll have a simple team.

Based on this chunk it looks like you really don’t know how to do anything. So what grants you the knowledge and experience to be a Lead Developer?

nothing. Im just owner. But I made too many games without using toolbox.

What is the simulator about? What would it look like?

I don’t think about that. You can select.

If we’re selecting the game idea then why are you the Lead Developer if you have no idea what you’re going to make?!

I just want to know other player’s ideas

Ok, I’m sorry, but. I don’t think anyone would want to help you, just have the idea in mind and the plan and people will start helping you. If you will, I might be able to help you on the building and a bit of the scripting part if I’m not so overloaded on my game and homework.

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Hi, I’m applying for the scripter position, but first I’d like to make sure of some things. Also, what’s your discord number?

yikes. unfortunately, i don’t think you will get a lot of developers from this recruitment post for a few reasons:

  1. lack of detail. writing a post out expecting to have people join your team needs to have more information than just “i need help with my simulator game.” what will the simulator be about ? how much commitment are you asking from the team members ? how long do you plan on having construction of this game ? what does your schedule look like, and how will it affect ours ? without detail, a recruitment post, to the eyes of readers, looks unprofessional and sloppy.
  2. payment. no developer is going to randomly join a dev team without knowing anything about their pay. hard work deserves good payment, and leaving it out on a post isn’t going to help anything.
  3. typos. there are numerous typos in this post, which only adds to the confusion of the readers, the sloppiness of the post, and the impressions that you’re giving your potential co-workers. please make sure you use a spell-check tool for your future posts.

in conclusion, make sure that you putting yourself in the readers’ shoes. write everything that may spark the interest of us, and think about explaining topics into further detail.

Do you have a discord? If so please tell so we can communicate there.

Are also looking for a composer as well? If so (Open) Composer_Dev Portfolio (Composer) For Hire Updated!

This topic looks very rushed and very little time had been put into it. I recommend you get an actual game idea before trying to put a game together and put more time into the post.

Yeah I using. But discord has a bug :d

I need composser. You can msg me.

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My discord is RIP please message me in forum