[OPEN] Hiring Developers for "The Dunes" Project (Builders, Modelers, Animators, Programmers)

About Us

Hello, we are Project Puppy. We are currently a small Roblox development team aimed at providing originality and enjoyment; we believe that our game has a lot of potential. We are currently working on a project; “The Dunes”. The Dunes is an original desert RPG based on survival and adventure in a post-apocalyptical future.

For more information on our game, view this devforum post - Feedback on "The Dunes" game concept.

The Team

@FilmPuppy - Programmer, UI Developer, Builder
@TrinitySpore - Lead Programmer, Animator, UI Developer
@booboy18731 - Builder
@Redacted_Sxn - GFX Artist
@You - Builder
@You - Programmer
@You - 3D Modeler
@You - Animator

You can join our development discord for progress, news and additional information on our game here.

About The Job

We are currently looking for additional builders, programmers, 3D modelers and animators. What you are expected to be able to do/what we need done:


  • Inventory System & Interaction System; when you approach a certain model an image label within a BillboardGui will appear prompting you to click a hotkey to grab the item.
    Items picked up will also be added to an inventory UI where it can be interacted with (Drop, Equip, Unequip etc).
    The interaction system will also include a view note system, when you press the hotkey prompted a frame with our view note UI will appear.

  • Change of animations when you step on a part (E.g. when you step indoors inside a building your walk & idle animations will switch to the default Rthro, same as when you exit).


  • High Poly abandoned & collapsed buildings around the map.
  • High Poly tools & items, for example handheld lamps.


  • Animations similar to and better than the ones in the teasers section of our development discord.

Additional work will be decided on in DMs and during development as our plot & storyline has not yet been completely planned out.

Our game has no deadline, though you preferably should be able to get each task done ASAP.


Payment will be through game revenue and group earnings.
Though there are exceptions to this, payment per assets will be considered depending on how much time you dedicate, how much you do and what you do.

Rough Payment Amounts:

  • Scripting: 10-20%
  • Builder/Modeler: 5-13%
  • Animator: 2-8%

Contact Us

You can contact us via our development discord, via my dms (sir puppington#0829) or through our Google Forms application.

Thank you for your time.

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I can make tools/weapon models. Add me on dis ?plasmablast??#2708

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? I don’t understand what your asking

I would like to apply, my discord is Sham#0894 and i sent a friend request.

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