[OPEN] Hiring experienced builder for a Vibe game

About Me

Hey there, I’m avoidingfans, a programmer on Roblox. I’ve developed for multiple famous/known groups and I’m actively looking for someone to duo a game with.

About The Job

I am creating a vibe game, looking to have the game done before 5/14/21. I am actively looking for a builder to be able to build a detailed building. Please do note that this won’t be a really large building, yet a medium-type building.


With us being a duo on this game, I am going to pay you 50% of the game’s revenue upon release. I have multiple connections to known TikTokers as well as huge Roblox Discord owners with a lot of members, so I’m expecting this to take off. I’m also running around 200k-250k on ads on the first day and running some more ads throughout the week.

Contact Information

Please contact me through Discord. My Discord username is avoiding#0001.


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