[OPEN] Hiring gfx artists/clothing designers!

About Us

We are a new clothing group on roblox! We just started today.

The Team
@username - Clothing Designer
@username - Clothing Designer
@username - GFX Artist

About The Job

We are looking for professional GFX artists and Clothing designers. To make quality clothing. The GFX artist will be creating the Ads and group logo!


Clothing artists will receive: 30% each. GFX artist will receive 300-400 robux. 70% will be going to the investor.

Contact Us

You can contact me here on the dev forum or on discord at:

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:


Where does the rest of the 20% of profit go, if theres 2 clothing designers and 30% is spent on ads? Also, why are you looking for people to make clothes if the group has of yet to take off?

Finally, could you please link your group? It’ll give people an idea of your group.

I agree with your points strongly.

Hello there, I have to inform everyone that I have managed to discuss with this guy and his attitude wasn’t very professional. After seeing the post and reading:

GFX artist will receive 300-400 robux

I thought it’s a pay per asset job but in fact he is just waiting until he’s making enough robux to pay you ( this it’s gonna take a long time considering the other’s are getting a cut as well from the total profit ) so I suggested him to change the post a little bit and gave him an example,after the example the following dialog was:

17Frames : Are u gonna do it or not?
Me: Sadly i’m only accepting paying per asset
17Frames: K bye.
17Frames removes the communication instantly

This might be a red flag for the people who are interested in working with him so keep this in mind. Best of luck with your group regardless of our little dispute and i’d suggest a more professional approach.


Hi Im interested in the position for GFX although what @PapaTheCaptain said for sure raised a red flag for me. Can you contact me @ ZehTopHat#3515

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